Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Got teeth?

I lost another 3.4 lbs. this week! That's good enough for me.

I also went to the dentist - finally! The last time I had insurance was in 1999. I only went to the dentist once since then (2003) until now. Not for lack of trying, of course. I've jumped through every hoop I could find to get to the dentist, but every time I failed. Only now, after getting on Bobby's insurance and finding a wonderful dentist office (David J. Berg, DDS) have I managed to get in.

Yesterday they cleaned my teeth and examined my teeth. I need my wisdoms removed, 6 cavities filled, and a deep cleaning (also called root planing). Luckily my insurance maximum for the year is $1750. I won't spend that much unless I have them put me out during the wisdom removal. I can handle to be awake, right? I think so.

In reality, I'm the lucky one. Bobby's teeth need lots of expensive work that will take over 2 years of insurance to cover. His mouth is more sensitive than mine, so the treatments are more uncomfortable for him. Also, he's always disliked going to the dentist. At least he likes this dentist and the whole office, as do I. I'm really grateful for our insurance and the opportunity to go to the dentist.

Smiles all around!

[Added after Bobby came home from work this evening:]

Bobby just came home. His work sent around an email that they are changing their insurance plan on August 1st. We're both very distressed at this news. And why didn't they tell us earlier? They say that they'll pay the same amount, but our dentist isn't a "preferred provider" for the new company, so I think we'll be paying a lot more than we were planning. We don't want to change dentists... we just managed to start working with this one... and we like him a lot. This sucks!

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