Monday, June 1, 2009

Weigh-in #2

It's one thing to stick to a plan when it's new and you're totally focused on it. It's another thing when you've created new habits.

Sure, it's easier to remember not to eat between meals. I still get hungry and have to resist eating outside my plan, BUT I'm no longer in the habit of going into the kitchen to look for food. (That always led to grazing, anyway.) In fact, I don't have to think about the plan much at all anymore. I'm in the habit of finding active things to do instead of eating, etc. But this is a new kind of dangerous territory.

Now I'm bored. I'm not constantly planning strategies and enacting them. I'm just bored. I want to sleep the day away. Admittedly, this is partly due to soreness from walking over 2 hours yesterday, but it's more than that. School's out and I'm chugging along in the right direction, but what should I do with myself? What can I fill my mind with?

I lost another 3.6 lbs last week and that brings my total to 13.2 lbs. - not shabby for 15 days! I'm happier now that I'm more active and lighter. Bobby is complimenting me regularly. I guess I'll just throw myself into clearing out our apartment - our home needs to lose about half of it's weight, too! And I'll plan the backpacking trip. And I'll plan a jogging route. I'll be fine, right?

I want to push to lose 4 lbs this week, so I'll drop below 200. However, I really need to just keep plugging away and not push. Hopefully the housework will keep me busy.

2 confessions: I've not been drinking all of my water & I cannot stand eating ham sandwiches anymore... I guess I'm going back to my old stand-by: turkey. I've also eliminated the mayo.

Wish me luck getting down to 200!

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