Thursday, June 25, 2009


Last Sunday I added another 2.4 lbs to my weight-loss total. So, I finally lost more than the previous week: this gives me renewed hope.

Bobby and I also went up to check out our triathlon course. .6 miles looks like quite a distance across the Lake at Lake of the Pines! We'll have to start swim skill training a bit early to be ready by September.

Our camping group met at a park and went over our pack lists. We also practiced setting up the tent, convincing several park-goers that we were all homeless and planning on sleeping there for the night!

Our walking trips to prepare for the trip have all been along the Sacramento Bike Trail. We start each day where we left off the previous trip, so now we're all the way to Haggin Park in Rancho Cordova. I think we'll eventually see all of the Sacramento Bike Trail, but it will take a while. 2 hours per trip or about 7 hours per week only gets you so far when you're packing 16+ lbs with you. At least I know I'll be ready for the July 17th trip!

Happy Trails to you!

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