Saturday, June 27, 2009

The American River Bike Trail

We started the morning at the Bridge Street Bridge near Sunrise Blvd. We knew today would be a scorcher, so we took our hike early in the AM. We walked about 3 miles each way and I'm now carrying 16 lbs each trip. I was so warm by the end, I couldn't help dipping in the American River just before we got back to this bridge.

I'm hoping that I'll get some practice hiking on uneven terrain and be up to 20 lbs within a week or so. I don't hardly notice the weight of the pack anymore, but I do notice that I'm hungry the day after a long hike.

If we continue to cover 2 miles of the bike trail each trip (4 miles total), we'll have covered the whole bike trail before we go backpacking. This assumes we continue to hike every other day. Not only does it get me ready for the trip, but we've been mapping out great places to swim and hills to climb during our triathlon training. I'm so excited.

Cross your fingers for big numbers on the scale tomorrow!

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