Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Slip.

Bobby and I each lost less than one pound last week.

Possible reasons:

1. I was sick last week - my bronchitis & asthma & allergies knocked me back to bed for at least half of every day.

2. As a result of #1, we only walked one time - 4 hours on Sunday.

3. We ate Baja Fresh one day. However, I had Grilled Mahi Mahi Fajitas, which were about the same calories as my regular sandwich.

4. The 4th of July, Subway was closed. I ate quite conservatively and feel confident that I didn't overdue it. I had some pineapple, one half of a hamburger, 10 chips, a chicken leg, and a salad with no dressing.

5. Bobby had some cake and whatever else he wanted.

6. We ate a package of klondike bars - Ohhh! I regret it so much! I thought a few extra calories would help me get over my cold, alas, it did not.

So, my conclusion is that the lack of exercise was the primary problem.

This week we've yet to weigh ourselves, but here's what's been going on:

I've been just as sick as last week. I haven't been exercising much. I've been in bed. I've been eating normal (read: bad) food. I ate a box of Life Cereal. I've had Chicken and Nectarines and Watermelon and Skinny Cow Ice Cream Bars.

None of this has helped my lungs. I've been somewhere between drowning and choking for over a week now. This morning I feel a little better, so I guess upping the medications and my water is finally working.

I'll eat a salad today with some edamame. I had chicken and corn earlier.

Maybe Bobby and I can get in a few good walks before this week is up. The walking clears my lungs, but after 15 minutes at the tennis courts with the dogs, I was desperate for my inhaler and felt near passing out for an hour afterward.

I think we're getting back on track and steadily dreaming of road bikes.

A minor slip, really, in the grand scheme of things.

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