Monday, May 18, 2009

Why am I starting this blog now? (Weight Loss)

Hello & Welcome to my blog.

I am starting this blog now because I want to log my weight loss journey as I go.

Here's what's been going on so far-

I have weighed about 170 lbs since high school except when Bobby and I had problems back in 1999 and I got up to 201 lbs.

When I hit 201, I started eating just one 12" subway turkey sandwich per day, divided between 3 meals and I ran for 18 minutes a day. I also walked 20-30 minutes per day to get to the running track and back and lifted weights in the evenings. I got down to 159 in just a few months.

Then I moved back to Sacramento and my weight creeped back to 170, despite trying to eat well and exercise regularly.

I was stable at about 170 until recently. Over the last few months, I just spiked up to 217! It started with joint pain and as I was more careful not to hurt myself, I became less active.

With extreme resolve, I have emptied my kitchen. I started back on my diet of just one subway sandwich per day 2 days ago. [Details - I let myself have mayonnaise and cheese on it, so I'm probably around 800-900 calories per day, depending on if I get a veggie or a chicken breast or ham sandwich.] This is enough for a person who has about 80 lbs of fat to lose. My body can tap into its fat sources if it needs more. I certainly don't advocate this diet for someone without any body fat! (Do you hear that, Body! You'd better toughen up and start using those fat stores!)

I've been drinking 67 oz of water per day by filling my 2 stainless steel bottles up in the morning and making sure to finish by bedtime. Drinking the water helps quell my hunger pains, as does exercise. I've been swimming to gain some strength without hurting my joints, but when hunger strikes at 7-10 pm, I stretch or do small exercises like squats, calf raises, dips, etc.

Despite feeling hungry, I feel better already. The diet has kept me from my usual stomach aches and being on a plan somehow gives me hope. I now only have to focus on waiting until my next meal - I don't have to stress over what changes I need to make.

I've already lost a few pounds, but I'll try to stay off the scale for a while. Hooray! I'm doing it!

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