Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rich in experience, not things.

My Subway breakfast was delightful. Today I spiced it up with pepper jack cheese, banana peppers, and a small amount of chipotle sauce... Not too spicy, just zingy and fun.

As for yesterday, I failed to finish my water. I have a reason (I'll not make excuses). I had a final exam and my Irish Setter Puppy had entropion eye surgery, so I was distracted. However, I did get in a good swim with Bobby and I did finish off one of my two water bottles.

Today I'd like to point you to my two favorite blogs (for this week, at least):

Unclutterer.com says that it's a blog about getting and staying organized, but I see it as inspiration for simplifying your life.

says that the aim of its blog is to see smallness as a quality worth pursuing in its own right: Smaller is cuter, faster, cheaper, easier, & lighter. I couldn't agree more. This site deals with small things, not just simplifying, so beware of the tendency to want to buy a lot of small gadgets.

I am on a simplifying kick! I've been reading Little House on a Small Planet by Shay Salomon, and I must say that it's my favorite book of all time. I just read a page or two at a time, so I can let my mind go and adjust to the flow of ideas that each story inspires.

I want to live a simpler life that is rich in experience, not rich in things. As I strive toward this goal, I get rid of things I don't need and realize I need even less. Each time I get rid of something, I find it a little easier to get to the things I need. For example, I emptied many of my kitchen cabinets and drawers. I gave away anything I didn't find essential to my life and hoped that I would make someone else's life easier with the gift of things they might need. Now, I don't look for scissors or the right spatula, because they are all hanging there, in plain sight. They aren't under a bunch of other spatulas and knick-knacks.

I am discovering that a simple life is a far more enjoyable life. Under all of the clutter lies an opportunity for new experiences and a better existence.

I'll be off now... I need to get back to daydreaming about how I'll build a simple, small home with my own hands.

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