Thursday, May 21, 2009

Diet Fail, Home Office Success

Okay, I'll admit that I've slipped a bit the last few days. Yesterday I had 100 calories of whole wheat waffle, didn't drink my water, and didn't swim. The day before, I had 1/4 of a chipotle burrito, didn't drink my water and didn't swim. I was working on my Masters Project, but it's still not okay. I should take even better care of myself in these times of stress.

Now that I've confessed, I'm ready to rejoice! My project isn't done, but I'm taking a break today, so I feel fantastic. I've eaten my delicious subway breakfast and I'm dressed to swim. I have to say it again: I feel great.

While I was working on my project, I designed a small home office for my small house.
  • It is a half circle desk top with the outer edge touching bay windows (in blue).
  • A bit of the flat side of the half circle is carved out and a hanging chair (in red) is mounted on this side.
  • The windows should be at sitting height view and side-tabbed filing folders should be mounted above at standing height view.
  • Also the distance from the back of the desk should be 5 or 6 inches (in green) past the end of my fingers when seated and the cross-length of the room should be 5' or so (in pink), the same size as my arm span.
  • A little table should pull out from under the right part of the desk to give more counter space when necessary (in turquoise).
  • I like a depth of about 18" for the desk, but we'll see.
  • If the office is cluttered (oh, I hope not!), a 5' curtain can be drawn across the opening (in purple). If a person wants privacy in the office, they could hang a curtain a little farther out, so that it would be behind someone in the swinging chair.
I think this is plenty of room for a home office. It's got less open space to get cluttered and it's super-efficient. If the desk top is a solid surface at a low height (I want 22"), you can leave the curtain open and use this as additional seating for the adjacent room.

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