Monday, May 25, 2009

1st Weigh In

Well, I weighed myself for the 1st time since starting my new weight-loss plan. On Sunday morning, I weighed 107.4 lbs. That's a loss of 9.6 lbs over 8 days. (Remember I started a week before on Saturday.)

I certainly don't expect to lose this much every week, but this is a great kick-off, isn't it? I was drinking more water than usual, so I'm confident that this wasn't a loss of water weight.

Bobby's been following a similar plan, except his sandwiches have more calories and he has some additional food: oatmeal for breakfast and a few snacks like a handful of sunchips. He also ate the 3/4 of the chipotle burrito that I didn't eat. He lost 8 lbs. More significantly, he's wearing clothes that didn't fit him a week ago.

We've been swimming and walking and doing regular activities such as working on vehicles over the long weekend (Memorial Day). This is more exercise than we've been getting lately, though not much more than we were getting before.

I hope we have a few more phenomenal weeks like this one before we settle into the normal 1-2 lbs per week. It's rewarding to see a significant loss like this during the 1st week or two, when it's the hardest to adjust to new habits... Trust me, Bobby & I've been hungry!

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