Saturday, February 6, 2010

How-To Begin Decluttering

Here is my 3-Phase plan to decluttering your cluttered stuff.

Phase 1
Box up everything messy in your house.
This includes any piles or drawers or stacks you have.
Label the boxes with where the stuff came from. Some of mine were labeled: from by the bed, from the large desk, kitchen stuff.
Do not start sorting at this stage!
You want your house to seem empty and spotless at this stage.

Phase 2
Move from Stage one to stage 2 quickly. It's okay to take a few days off to enjoy the emptiness of your house, but get started on Phase 2 quickly before your boxed stuff starts to migrate back out of the boxes!
Get 3 more boxes & label: Stuff I Want, Stuff to Sell, Stuff to Donate. Get a large, clean garbage can, as well.
Now get ready by spending a few to several minutes on the website to pump yourself up. When you've started to feel inspired or excited, start on your boxes. (Repeat this for every box sorting session!)
Take your boxes from Phase one and go through them, one at a time.
If you like TV, bring your 3 new boxes, your garbage can, and one unsorted box out to work on while you watch TV.
You want to put as little into your 'Stuff I Want' box as possible.
Keep only your favorite things! Keep in mind that anything you keep that is NOT your favorite will end up in front of/in the way of your favorite things and prevent you from enjoying your favorite things.

Phase 3
Be delighted with how much less stuff you have. Did you get rid of 80% or more of the boxes you started with? Rejoice.
Get inspired with!
Now go through the boxes labeled 'Stuff I Want'.
Repeat Phase 2 with these boxes, getting rid of even more stuff!
Start thinking about where each of these things will go and start putting them away.
If you have a lot of stuff that belongs together, for example: Art Supplies, designate a place, such as a drawer for this stuff.
Donate the space in your house appropriately, so that it represents the life that you want and the hobbies/ activities you most enjoy.

Beyond Phase 4
Hopefully this exercise has started you mentally uncluttering as well. You can repeat the above steps with your time, your brain, your energy, etc. I like to write down what's important to me, so that I can remember to focus on those things and in doing so, I must reject other things. Once the conscious decision is made, I don't need to look back at the paper, so I recycle it. My brain and house are clear!

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  1. This a great way to start if you're tripping over loads of stuff, and most of it is not needed. Hopefully making decisions about helps you to stop deciding to bring more stuff into the house!